October 21, 2020

Bamboo Toothbrushes: Do They Work?

With the recent surge in people becoming more environmentally conscious and seeking sustainable alternatives, many will be considering switching to a bamboo toothbrush for their next brush, to help reduce plastic waste. But are bamboo toothbrushes worse for your oral health? The answer is that they are no different to your regular, plastic manual brush. So switching out a £3 plastic brush for a bamboo one won’t be detrimental at all.

However, if you would like an electric toothbrush which most dentists would recommend for the optimum oral health, then a bamboo brush may be detrimental. In this case, we’d recommend opting for a fully recyclable, eco electric tooth brush. They may be more expensive than their non-eco counterpart but are still affordable and readily available on the market. We recommend the georganics sonic brush:

Written by Kayleigh Vassel


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