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Porcelain Veneers are long-lasting, natural looking teeth that are crafted by a specialist dental laboratory technician. They are bonded onto your existing tooth. Porcelain veneers are usually fitted in two or three appointments and may require some preparation to your existing teeth.


Composite veneers can be applied in one visit. Layers of resin are applied directly to the tooth, masking any damaged enamel, which is then sculpted to the correct shape and size to create natural tooth appearances.



Crowns also known as caps, are carefully fitted sleeves that sit over an existing tooth to protect it from further damage, and to improve your overall smile. Crowns can hold cracked teeth together and support bridges, and they are often applied as the final step in root canal treatment. They can also cover discoloured teeth to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.


The teeth either side of the gap are crowned, and the technician will make a solid artificial tooth attached to the adjoining crowns. This artificial tooth will sit in the gap where the missing tooth once was. A bridge can replace upper or lower teeth and can replace one or multiple teeth. Having a dental bridge can boost your confidence in your smile and make day to day activities such as eating and talking easier.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple solution that can immediately improve the colour of teeth and boost confidence. It involves teeth bleaching to make them a lighter colour. There are different bleaching systems available; in-house bleaching or at-home bleaching. To learn more, please discuss further with Dr Kayleigh. Teeth whitening is cosmetic and therefore generally only available privately.


Smilefast - Composite Bonding - is a sophisticated technique using the latest digital technology to create your perfect smile and to provide high quality composite bonding. This offers a solution to improve the appearance of your teeth by closing gaps, fixing worn or chipped teeth and improving colour and shape.


Composite is bonded to the tooth usually without any significant drillings or damage to your tooth, the colour is matched to your teeth to give a seamless join.


Composite bonding can help you achieve a smile you are happy with, with minimal time and minimal damage to your natural teeth. To find out more, please provide your details on the contact page and one of our staff will be in touch soon.


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